Base Camp Mix DGC


1/4in matte mixture of flakes.  This is 1.5oz.  Add 0.5oz of any other solid color is to be added for a custom mix.  You will receive 2 full oz of DGC total.

Earn up to 7 Rations.

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Our Dude Glamz collection are matte finish, paint flakes/chips cut to 1/4th inch,  This is a mixture of 3 color neutral flakes, matte white, gray, and black.  These are perfect for GUYS (or anyone) who prefers to NOT have sparkly glitter… (WHAT?!?) and still wants a unique look to their tumblers, keychains, and other projects.  These chips are specifically created to withstand epoxy and pressure.

This selection is designed to be used to create a custom look with any of our other DGC options.  You will receive 1.5oz of this mix + .5oz of any of the other solid color options available.  They will arrive in 2 separate packages so you can mix as heavy colored or light colored as you want.


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